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Ugly Future of Design Tools

July 2, 2024

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There's a rumble in the design world, and it's not the satisfying hum of a well-placed gradient. Recent changes to Figma's drafts policy and Adobe's AI policy have many designers worried about the future of their craft. Let's unpack why this might be a sign of things to come.

Figma's Draft Drafts?

Figma, a darling of the design community, recently tweaked its policy around drafts. While seemingly minor, for some designers, it smacked of a company prioritizing control over user ownership. This shift, however subtle, has some questioning Figma's commitment to designer autonomy.

Adobe's AI Arsenal: Who Owns Your Genius?

Adobe, the design software giant, also made waves with its updated AI policy. The concern here is around how Adobe's AI tools might be leveraging user data – potentially even incorporating it into future iterations of their software. This raises a crucial question: who owns the creative spark, the designer or the AI that "learned" from them?

A Perfect Storm?

These seemingly separate events combine to paint a potentially ugly picture. Design tools, once seen as empowering companions, might be evolving into something more controlling. Here's why this is a worry:

The future of design tools hinges on how designers react to these changes. Staying informed, demanding transparency, and exploring alternative tools are all crucial steps. Ultimately, it's up to designers to shape the future they want – a future where design tools empower creativity, not constrain it.

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